A 25-year steward of the Vallejo Community, Doug is a die-hard watershed advocate, an activist when need be. He started Friends of Lake Chabot (FOLC) 20 years ago as a platform for working with the city and regional enforcement agencies, Regional Water Quality Control Board and Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW). Doug has developed relationships along the way with Special Districts such as Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District, Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD), Solano Resource Conservation District, and more.

Doug developed the Vallejo Watershed Alliance 18 years ago. He worked with the Vallejo Rotary Club, GVRD, FOLC, and DFW. For the past 16 years Doug has teamed up with local partners to produce the Vallejo Inner City Fishing Program. Additionally, he is the Solano County Sponsor for the Classroom Aquarium Education Program. He supplies all the equipment for classrooms to “hatch and raise baby trout” in their classrooms, and they have released their baby trout in Lake Chabot for the past 14 years.

Vallejo watersheds (Lake Chabot, Rindler Creek, Blue Rock Springs Creek, and more) have always been overlooked. Whether picking up trash or removing invasive species, environmental education/recreation and preservation has been Doug’s mission. He has worked for the Solano Resource Conservation District for 18 years now, and he is a program assistant for the Youth Environmental Education program.

All of Doug’s efforts has everything to do with the support and partnerships of people, local organizations, special districts, and more. He believes strongly in inspiring environmental stewardship in the hearts and minds of our youth. Above all, he gratefully serves the watersheds in and around Vallejo.